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Meier and Meier Home Medical Supplies has been serving the great state of Utah for over 25 Years! We also carry the only portable walk in bathtub on the market!

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a gradual process and many people don't realize the extent to which their hearing has deteriorated until others point it out. The effects of untreated hearing loss can lead to anxiety, insecurity, isolation and depression.

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Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts provide a great deal of freedom and independence, avoiding the need to rearrange your home or move houses. Stair Lifts are available in various lengths to fit all kinds of staircases.

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Walk In Bathtubs

Only walk in bathtubs offer you the complete freedom and ability to enjoy a tranquil bathing experience! Whether you have age-related or injury-related issues, our Walk In Bathtubs will meet your needs.

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Compression Stockings

Standing for a long period of time can cause blood to pool in your feet, while sitting can cause unhealthy constriction of the blood vessels in your legs. The undesirable effects of these conditions can take a while to show, wearing compression socks regularly can help to prevent or ward off such circulation issues from becoming a problem for you.

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